Episode 16: Norwich, City of Refuge


For hundreds of years, refugees have traveled to Norfolk to find sanctuary and home, and have brought different skills, language and customs to the area.┬áIn the 16th century a large number of Dutch refugees settled in Norwich. This group, who became known as the Strangers, brought new skills and trades with them such as printing. The first book printed in Norwich, the “Belijdenisse Ende” or “Confession of Faith,” was printed by the Dutch refugee Anthony de Solempne.

As Refugee Week draws to a close, our podcast episode this week focuses on the story of refugees and immigrants in Norwich. Join Archive Specialist Chris Tracy as he explores the wider world of Norwich’s 16th century immigrants, as revealed by items within the collections held at Norfolk Heritage Centre and Norfolk Record Office.

For more resources on the history of refugees in Norwich click here, and see below for the images used during Chris’ talk. Thanks for listening!

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