Episode 22: Snap Dragons and Story Books: In Conversation with Isabelle King

Isabelle King photo

Isabelle King is author of children’s books “The Norfolk Story Book” and “Once Upon A Time in Norfolk.” Join Isabelle and Archive Specialist Chris Tracy in conversation, as they discuss finding inspiration in Norfolk’s history and her role as a Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador, and give insights into the opportunities and challenges of building a creative career.

Find out more about Isabelle and her work here. Thanks for listening!


Episode 21: Becoming a House Detective: Researching a 17th Century Home

sp home

In this talk, local author Stephen Poulter shares his experience of researching the story of the 17th century cottage in Norfolk which he moved into in recent years. He recounts the tales of the owners and residents of his own home over more than 300 years, who ranged from Victorian farmers and bricklayers to a Georgian gentlewoman of independent means and a wealthy 17th century landowner. He also describes the various processes and historic documents involved in investigating the background of any historic property so that anyone listening can set out on their own journey of historical discovery.

For more information on the Waveney Heritage project, visit: http://www.waveneyheritage.org. Anyone wishing to be involved in the heritage project which is a partnership between Needham and the neighbouring village of Brockdish should email stephenjp@talktalk.net.


Episode 20: St William and Mousehold Heath: A Tale of Three Chapels


Join historian Trevor Nuthall as he shares his research into the site of Mousehold Heath’s St William’s Chapel, where in 1144 the murdered body of the 12-year-old William was discovered and where, over the next 250 years, three chapels were built. See below for Trevor Nuthall’s slides, as referred to throughout his talk.

Image: Mousehold Heath, etching by Miles Edmund Cotman, http://www.picture.norfolk.gov.uk

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Episode 19: The Norfolk Coast in the Great War


In this episode author Stephen Browning examines daily life in Norfolk’s coastal communities between 1914 and 1918, and tells tales of often top secret work in towns and villages along the coastline from King’s Lynn to Great Yarmouth. Stephen’s book is available to borrow from many Norfolk libraries – click here to find a copy.

See below for the slides referred to by Stephen Browning throughout his talk. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 18: An Airman’s Flight from Poland to Britain, 1939 – 1940


In this episode Adrian O’dell, Chairman of the Norfolk Polish Heritage Group, shares the story of his father Kapitan Stefan Zdobysław Żółkowski during WWII. The Norfolk Polish Heritage Group exists to develop community involvement with the story of immigrant Polish communities in Norfolk, and to strengthen bonds between the people of Norfolk and beyond and the Polish diaspora by involving all ages of the wider community. Find out more about the group here: norfolkpolishheritagegroup.org

See below for the images Adrian refers to in his talk, and thanks for listening!

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Episode 17: History Hunters Takeover!

Maya recording

The History Hunters have taken over the podcast! The History Hunters are all aged between 8 and 13, and have met once a month since January 2018 to delve into the archives at Norfolk Heritage Centre and learn more about local history.

Listen to their takeover episode to hear what the group have been up to – they took part in the BBC Civilisations project and learnt more about broadsides; created their own fake news story bulletins; and wrote and starred in two short radio plays looking at the Blitz in Norwich and Dorothy Jewson.

See below for some photos of what the group have been working on. Next term the History Hunters are taking part in the Trailblazers project, researching inspirational women from the First World War – watch this space for more news from the group!

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Episode 16: Norwich, City of Refuge


For hundreds of years, refugees have traveled to Norfolk to find sanctuary and home, and have brought different skills, language and customs to the area. In the 16th century a large number of Dutch refugees settled in Norwich. This group, who became known as the Strangers, brought new skills and trades with them such as printing. The first book printed in Norwich, the “Belijdenisse Ende” or “Confession of Faith,” was printed by the Dutch refugee Anthony de Solempne.

As Refugee Week draws to a close, our podcast episode this week focuses on the story of refugees and immigrants in Norwich. Join Archive Specialist Chris Tracy as he explores the wider world of Norwich’s 16th century immigrants, as revealed by items within the collections held at Norfolk Heritage Centre and Norfolk Record Office.

For more resources on the history of refugees in Norwich click here, and see below for the images used during Chris’ talk. Thanks for listening!

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